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        5. Guangxi Guihe group Co., Ltd is founded in 2001. After 9 years of glorious course of development, which laid a solid foundation for the enterprises, with the largest raw silk production scale in Guangxi and even the current national, the company has become a modern enterprise mainly to produce raw silk materials, supplemented by silk business manag...
          GUI he vision: and create a world - class silk enterprise
          GUI alloy mission: Lead all the staff towards a better life
          GUI alloy business philosophy: to create value for society to create opportunities for employees to create benefits for the enterprise
          GUI alloy human qualities: loyal to
          GUI and the human spirit: strict active
          Code of conduct GUI partners: compliance Li De
          Address: Guangxi City, imperial estate Nanning International Chamber of Commerce Center 49 layer C-D | zip code: 530028 | phone / Fax: 0771-5581855 | customer service QQ:1139615855 | E-mail:GXGUIHEGROUP@163.com Copyright (c) 2009, SMEGX Development Group All rights reservedy.